PAO Lukoil
History of LUKOIL: a difficult path from LANGEPASURAIKOGALYMNEFT to the richest and most respectable company in Russia
History of the company The year of foundation can be considered 1991. November 25 according to resolution No. 18
Alcoa presented Arconic to the world
FAS vs Arconic The head of the international corporation Arconic Timothy Myers said in an interview with the Vedomosti newspaper
The amount of money in the world has reached more than a quadrillion dollars
In everyday life, we can often come across advice on how to get rich. Their
TOP best foreign brokers
Which broker is better - Russian or foreign? - part 2
Traders choose foreign companies for unimpeded access to the markets of their respective countries. There are others
oil production
It has been calculated how long Russia's oil and gas reserves will last
It is generally accepted in the world that the start of industrial oil and gas production dates back to the 1860-70s.
Land and money
Land plots for investment - how to invest in land and make money in 2021
Investing in land plots has always been a promising and profitable activity. Allotments
Investment in art
Eight important questions about investing in art
Lazy Investor Blog > Investment Tools The largest private collections of works of art were created by connoisseurs of beauty,
Russian stock exchanges
Moscow and St. Petersburg exchanges: how they are structured and what is the difference
Most modern investors now recognize only 2 Russian stock exchanges: Moscow and St. Petersburg. However, significant
How to obtain an extract from the register of shareholders of Gazprom.
The register of owners of registered securities of PJSC Gazprom is maintained by the registrar. Full name of the registrar: Joint Stock
who is peter lynch
What does Peter Lynch teach in his book Outplay Wall Street?
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