The amount of money in the world has reached more than a quadrillion dollars

In everyday life, we can often come across advice on how to get rich. They are given by business publications, financial experts, economists - everyone who considers themselves experts in this matter. However, it is quite difficult to distinguish good advice from bad. This article contains the opinions of the founders and top managers of large companies who debunked popular myths about how to make money.

Understand why you need savings

Before you go into austerity mode and cut your expenses, understand why you even need it. Without motivation, you will quickly go astray and fall into the temptation of spending all your hard-earned savings.

Motivation can be very different:

  • collect money for an apartment;
  • save for vacation;
  • want to buy a new TV/set-top box/phone/refrigerator/cabinet;
  • are you planning to open a business, etc.

To learn how to save money, you must understand why you will need all these restrictions. And the next time your hand treacherously reaches for your wallet to buy “that beautiful blouse” or “that last can of beer this week,” your brain signaled: “Stop! What about the new iPhone and vacation in the Bahamas?

Then you will be able to save correctly.

And one more rule of correct economy (a tautology, however

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