Cadastral Services: Meaning and Benefits

Cadastral services play a key role in the system of real estate assessment and management. In this article we will look at the importance and advantages of cadastral services. See more details here .

Definition of Cadastral Services

  • Geodetic Measurements: Determination of boundaries and parameters of plots of land.
  • Formation of Cadastral Plans: Creation of documentation with accurate real estate data.
  • Technical Inventory Accounting: Systematic survey and registration of real estate.

The Importance of Cadastral Services

  • Ensuring Legal Protection: Registration of rights to land and real estate provides their legal protection.
  • Real Estate Valuation: Cadastre data is used to estimate the value of land and buildings.
  • Land Management: Helps governments and individuals manage land resources effectively.

Advantages of Cadastral Services

  • Accuracy and Reliability of Data: Geodetic measurements and technical records provide high accuracy of information.
  • Legal Consolidation: Registered rights to real estate create the basis for legal stability.
  • Transparency and Accessibility: Cadastre information is publicly available, which promotes transparency and accessibility of data.

Process of Obtaining Cadastral Services

  • Submitting an Application: The Applicant provides the required documents and fills out the appropriate form.
  • Technical Measurement: Specialists carry out geodetic work to determine the parameters of the site.
  • Creation of Documentation: Cadastral plans and other necessary documents are generated.
  • Registration in the Cadastre: The obtained data is registered in the state cadastre.

Types of Cadastral Services

  • Geodetic Works: Defining boundaries, forming plans, setting out points.
  • Registration of Rights: Register property rights, leases, encumbrances.
  • Technical Inventory Accounting: Drawing up technical passports and accounting of all objects.

Relevance of Cadastral Services in Modern Society

  • Digitalization of Processes: Introduction of modern technologies to improve the efficiency of cadastral work.
  • Electronic Services: Possibility of submitting applications and receiving information through electronic platforms.

Economic Effect of Cadastral Services

  • Development of Construction and Infrastructure: Providing accurate data contributes to the development of urban planning and construction activities.
  • Attracting Investments: Legal transparency and registration of rights attract investors.

Cadastral services play an important role in the structure of real estate management. Their importance extends from legal protection of property to support for economic development of regions. The correct use and implementation of cadastral data contributes to sustainability and progress in the field of property management.

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